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  1. How to set up Windows network share.

    If the firewall is set, it is not shared. 1. How to check Netbios settings. Search and launch Network Share Center. Click the Local Area item. Click Properties. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), and then click Properties. Click...
    Date2018.06.18 CategoryOther ByCoffee
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  2. Types and use of Korean masks

    1. What are paper masks? A paper facial is, basically, a piece of soft material, similar to paper, cut in the shape of a face. It is used only once and then discarded. This "paper mask" is imbued with different nutrients that will give vita...
    Date2017.12.05 CategoryI have a word ByBIGBOSS
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  3. Korea's famous brand mask pack (Korean mask pack)

    We handle all 110 kinds of Korean famous brand mask packs and deal only with genuine products. Now is the online world. The era of selling at an unbelievable price has passed. We treat only 100% authentic original Korean products. We have a...
    Date2017.12.05 CategoryNOTICE ByBIGBOSS
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