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It is a place to share life information of Mexico.

  1. 초간단! 머리 예쁘게 묶는법 7가지~

    머리 묶을 때 조금만 더 신경써서 예쁘게 묶는 방법 7가지를 모아봤어요. 어렵지 않고 간단한 방법들이니까 쉽게 할 수 있습니다.
    Date2019.12.18 ByCoffee
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  2. 빠르게 신발 끈 묶는 방법.

    빠르고 예쁘게 신발끈 묶는 방법. 한번 따라해보세요.
    Date2019.12.18 ByCoffee
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  3. Honey tip in living learning

    Honey tip in living learning
    Date2019.02.01 ByBIGBOSS
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  4. Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Minutes

    See how I fill in my eyebrows every morning. Very simple and easy to follow. SUBSCRIBE to stay updated with future videos
    Date2018.12.14 ByCoffee
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  5. How to keep Chile for a long time.

    Method 1: The red pepper is wrapped in an unwashed newspaper or kitchen towel. Place in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. (It can be stored for about a week) Method 2: The washed red pepper is minced. If stored in its ...
    Date2018.09.20 ByBIGBOSS
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  6. How to repair a reduced sweater.

    Sweaters or cardigans that are poorly laundered can be dipped in water with a small amount of ammonia and then stretched.
    Date2018.07.03 ByCoffee
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  7. When the tempura is deeply fried and delicious.

    When you reheat the fried food, put a drop of alcohol in a pan with oil to reduce the smell of the oil.
    Date2018.06.04 ByBIGBOSS
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  8. How to keep dust from sticking to household appliances.

    After cleaning your computer monitor or TV, clean it with a dry mop and then rinse it thoroughly. Do not worry about it for a week.
    Date2018.05.15 ByBIGBOSS
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  9. Removing the odor from the trash can

    If you get a lot of smell from the garbage cans, you can put a lot of newsprint on the bottom and spread the bleach, and the smell disappears.
    Date2018.05.11 ByBIGBOSS
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  10. How to get rid of toilet bowl.

    You can use a coke-free cola when you want to get rid of the toilet bowl. It makes the citric acid contained in the cola clean.
    Date2018.05.02 ByBIGBOSS
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  11. Toilet stains, stains clear

    To remove dirty water marks or stains on the toilet, wipe with a mixture of butter, chopped salt and milk.
    Date2018.04.26 ByBIGBOSS
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  12. Narrow Space Odor Removal

    Leave one half of the apple in a small space and the smell is cleared away.
    Date2018.04.25 ByBIGBOSS
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  13. Easy to remove odor from refrigerator

    If you leave the leftover shochu in the refrigerator with the lid open, the smell easily disappears.
    Date2018.04.17 ByCoffee
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  14. Wipe the ballpoint marks on your clothes

    When the ballpoint marks on your clothes are rubbed with water puffs, the marks of the ballpoints disappear.
    Date2018.04.13 ByCoffee
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  15. Toilet odor removal method.

    After frying, periodically flush the feces into the toilet bowl, and after 10 minutes, the water is turned off and the odor disappears from the toilet.
    Date2018.04.11 ByCoffee
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  16. Do not touch it when you see your belly.

    "When you see a dog, you can not touch it" ... The reason is? If your dog is lying in front of you with your feet in front of you, you may tickle or paddle your belly to the lovely eye. But your actions are completely wrong and the dog is j...
    Date2018.04.10 ByBIGBOSS
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