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2017.12.05 16:42

Types and use of Korean masks

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1. What are paper masks?
A paper facial is, basically, a piece of soft material, similar to paper, cut in the shape of a face. It is used only once and then discarded.
This "paper mask" is imbued with different nutrients that will give vitality, hydration and immediate relief to your face.
2. There are different types
The masks can be made of different materials, such as cotton, organic leaves or hydrogel, and may contain the most diverse ingredients. Among them I mention the aloe, walnut, rosehip, collagen, green tea, etc.
To choose one you should pay attention to your skin type and needs. There are hundreds of varieties, so there is much to know!
I recommend: Ideal ingredients for a beauty mask
3. First you have to wash your face
Before placing it, you should wash and dry your face without rubbing. Then, spread the paper mask gently over your face and make sure that all the areas are well covered. Leave it on for 15 or 20 minutes.
4. You must massage after removing
Once the minutes pass with your mask on, you will have to remove it slowly. Since there are some fluids on your face, it will be best to massage them until they disappear.
Some masks require a posterior face wash, but not all, so it is best to read the instructions that you buy to know if you need to wash your face once the procedure is finished.
5. Can be used often
If you do not know how often you can use paper facial masks, I tell you that you can use and abuse them, because they do not damage the skin. It is best to use them once or twice a week, or when really your skin screams for some pampering.
6. They are the most sold in Korea and Japan
Asian women seem to always have good skin, or really know how to take care of it. Now we know its secret, since various reports claim that paper facial masks are the best-selling beauty product in Asia, in all its variants.
Read also: South Korean beauty products available to Mexicans
Actually paper masks are a rage for all the qualities they have, therefore, it is a good sign to start using them, is not it?
Did you ever use paper facials? Tell us!
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