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1. Precautions on using the site
When using this site, please observe the following four points basically.
Prohibition of indiscriminate nonsense or profanity
Prohibition of irrelevant advertising and illegal articles
Prohibition of personal information or money trading
Pump or image must be a source record (copyright issue)
The corresponding posts are immediately blocked as soon as they are found, and the member who created the posts becomes a rogue member, blocking access for a certain period of time. Please be careful.
2. Member Rating System
There may be differences in the services available on this site depending on the membership level.
3. Point system
The site operates a point system for site activation and various benefits.
The point policy may change from time to time and we do not notify it separately.
Actors such as raids and bouts for point acquisition may receive "point forfeiting" or "suspension of membership" or "blocking access to the site" without notice.
Earned points do not have any effect other than to use the on-site services.
Earn 30 points when you sign up (1 time), 10 points when you log in (daily), 0 points deducted when sending a message (every time)
4. Experiments by level
In this site, membership level is applied separately from membership level.
5. Post regulation policy
The posting regulation policy of this site strives to comply with the standards of the Broadcasting Communication Deliberation Committee for the age of 12 or older (junior high school student) level of the SafeNet rating criteria.
If a post posted by a publisher on various bulletin boards of this site falls under any of the following posts, the administrator can delete the post without prior notice, and the publisher who created it may be blocked from using the website. In addition, for the content defamatory and copyright infringement, report it to the Cyber ​​Defamation Dispute Arbitration Department (http://www.bj.or.kr) or Copyright Protection Center (http://www.cleancopyright.or.kr) can be.
1. Based on socio-cultural biases such as race, gender, nationality, religious, and political disputes.
2. Including personal information such as phone number, resident registration number, and real name of yourself or others
3. A program that encourages the dissemination and use of programs and inappropriate files that the company does not recognize
4. Anything that violates the company's posting principles or does not match the nature of the board
Introducing and recommending a warez site, a torrent site, or a similar site
To impersonate a company or company employee or to slander a company or company employee
Reselling a product sold or sold by a company without permission
Repeatedly posting the same content intentionally several times
Words or phrases, including vulgar words and expressions
Contrary to the Terms of Use and related laws
The grounds for punishment under current law
Articles that are judged to be in violation of relevant laws and regulations
Articles promoting piracy or hacking
Copyright infringement and similar articles
An article that can make someone feel uncomfortable or disgusted
Other articles that do not fit the nature of the board
Other infringement of the rights of others without proper authority
Including content or links that violate public order and morals
Including content that maliciously degrades the company's assets.
Account transactions, cash transactions, etc. Illegal attempts or inciting other customers
Written content that can disseminate false facts or mislead many customers
Anything that damages reputation by offending or libeling other members or third parties
To defame or insult by defamation or slander of company or others
An article that is objectively confirmed to be for commercial purposes not recognized by the company, or to be advertised and promoted or similar.