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Peel off mask, mud mask. There have been many masks, but for the longest steady masks, sheet masks, often referred to as mask packs.
There is no hassle to go back and forth in the bathroom to wash once, and it is also easy to carry around on your trip. However, I have often relied on this simplicity and have seen a lot of cases where the beauty of the product is not getting the right effect.
There are six prohibitions and recommendations to avoid mistakes that do not maximize and do not work!




1. Do not stick for a long time.
If the mask pack had moisture left in it, it would seem to be wasting the cosmetic ingredients left in the mask, so it would have been like this one or two times that I woke up with a piece of paper stuck to my face in the morning.
The timing of the best time to remove the mask pack is & quot; still wet. & Quot; It was rather late when I tried to dry it. From that point on, the mask pack is the closest moisture to itself. That is, they are trying to suck the moisture back from the skin.
Even if it is a waste, it is removed when the mask pack maintains moisture, and it is necessary to make a film of oil to apply the cream so that moisture does not evaporate on the skin, and the skin can maintain moisture for a longer time.


2. Do not buy a mask pack at a reasonable price.
The price of the mask pack is very different. The more expensive the product, the more "I put all the bottles of essence" with the phrase (Essence is packed with a bottle of mask pack is 10,000 won, why the essence is only 100,000 won I wonder if I'm the only one?)
Of course, I would not recommend expensive mask packs, but I will skip the mention here because I will buy anyone who buys it even if I am curious.
If you are planning to maintain frequent masks with inexpensive masks, using a mask of 3,000 to 4,000 preferred load shops / drugstores per page will result in a higher spend on effectiveness. Even if you only use 2 or 3 times a week, it will be close to 30 ~ 50 thousand won a month.
In fact, the contents of a mask pack at a price point that is not worth it is not much different from a nonwovens mask moistened with a skin lotion.
Rather, the mask pack is regarded as a "tool" for supplying moisture (H20) to the skin thoroughly and purchases a bundle of 100 items on the internet at low cost. It is good to invest in a moist gel and moisturizing lotion to replace the invisible mask serum.
Personally, I apply SK-ll lift emulsion (available for 60 ~ 70 thousand won on the internet, 100 ml) as a pack, and then put on 100 packaged masks purchased from the internet. (50% of the skin-care effect is a placebo ...) You can get the effect of SK-II mask.


3. If you are sensitive or acne skin - Store in refrigerator.
There is no combination of aloe + mask packs to soothe skin in hot summer and sunshine.
I advise women who have sensitive or acneous skin to always keep aloe gel and mask packs in hotel refrigerators when traveling and apply these products to calm the skin as soon as they return.
In the morning, the skin that easily pours on the face can also get the effect of quickly draining the cool mask pack.
If you have a lot of heat on your face and dry the mask quickly, you can use ice. Gauze wrap the ice around the candy and hold the tip with your hand and roll over the mask pack and massage. (It is absolutely NO ~ NO to bring the ice directly to the skin.) Ice water is continuously passed through the nonwoven fabric to the skin to keep the mask pack cool and moist.


4. If the room is dry - cover it with a lap.
In winter, the more the room is dry, the faster the rate of evaporation in the air is faster than the moisture in the mask enters the skin.
To transfer the moisture in the mask to the skin as much as possible, put a mask on it and cover the face with a cooked wrap once more.
By blocking with air, it prevents evaporation of water and increases the skin temperature, so that the pores are opened and the effective ingredient is absorbed more effectively.


5. If you have oily skin - Apply mask pack after deep cleansing mask.
We use a mask pack because of skin dryness, but why do we have a deep cleansing mask that absorbs sebum? Our skin is not as friendly to water from the outside as we thought.
If you give your skin moisture, your thirsty skin seems to drink a lot of moisture, but in fact the skin is made of a waterproof membrane composed of keratin and lipid. Particularly when the water-insoluble oily skin (the surface is dried in the bundle), the skin becomes more waterproof due to the oil coating covering the surface of the skin.
After cleansing, if you apply a deep cleansing mask with mud / clay in a slightly open pore, excess keratin and sebum covering the skin will be removed and moisture will be absorbed more effectively. Of course, if it is troublesome to wash with water again (though the mask pack is popular), at least you can get a better result if you scrub it with a brown sugar mask.


6. If you have sensitive skin - make your own mask pack.
Not all skin is suitable for a commercial mask pack. In fact, many women complain about the inconvenience that skin patches are tickling if you pack mask packs.
The cheap mask pack is rather rare. The mid-priced mask packs make the skin cool and crispy for its "nutritious" visual effects, which tend to make the skin uncomfortable.
If you go to the accessory corner of Daisona Road shop, you can buy a nonwoven mask, a coin mask (which is similar to a coin tissue used in water, and a mask) with no contents. This mask can be used by soaking in a toner, essence or chamomile tea that has a good sedative effect that fits your skin well. It takes a lot of moisture to maintain the moisture for a long time, so it is better to spray a spray of hot water over the skin every 2 to 3 minutes.




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