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  1. Make chocolate abs

    The easiest way is diet control and aerobic exercise. Plank and squat in a simple way to make abs It is recommended to squat with the core of Plank firmly. 5 minutes flank exercise method
    Date2019.04.11 ByBIGBOSS
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  2. Rehabilitación y Estética Dental

    Dirección : Av. Chapultepec No. 151 Int. 404 Col. Juárez C.P. 06600 CDMX Tel : 5705-6388 Cel : 55-3045-2344 Dr. Raúl Pérez Delgadillo Metro : Cuauhtemoc ( Caminando 3 minutos ) Gracias.
    Date2018.09.21 ByBIGBOSS
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  3. Amazing effect 30 minutes a day walk

    Dementia is prevented if you walk 30 minutes a day. The walking distance is calculated by the front part of the brain, and the intensity of the required muscle is determined by the middle part of the brain. The fact that you walk 30 minutes...
    Date2018.04.10 ByBIGBOSS
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  4. 6 Tips for mask pack management for beautiful skin care.

    Peel off mask, mud mask. There have been many masks, but for the longest steady masks, sheet masks, often referred to as mask packs. There is no hassle to go back and forth in the bathroom to wash once, and it is also easy to carry around on...
    Date2017.12.20 ByBIGBOSS
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